Troodos Mountains
Troodos is a mountain resort region in Cyprus and the only place in the country where it snows. From October to March, majestic peaks, including the highest peak Olympos (1952…

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Pass passwords! 8 best cities for shopping
If you can’t live without new things and keep an eye on what is happening on the world stage, then you understand why it’s worth going abroad for beautiful things.…

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What you can not do in the airplane and ground transport while traveling
While you are in transport, your main task is to get to your destination safe and sound. Moreover, the responsibility for your well-being and health lies not only with the…

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5 countries where you can obtain citizenship (not through marriage)

If a riotous student life is a thing of the past for you, and a marriage with a citizen of another country is also not included in the immediate plans, then you will certainly be interested in this way to get abroad. This will be especially true for those who have in their hands a certain amount of money, which must be properly managed. For example, it is completely legal to acquire a second citizenship. Moreover, now many countries offer their passport in exchange for financial injections.
The cost of citizenship: from $ 100 thousand.

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5 countries where you will definitely forget about the autumn spleen

If all you dream about in November is to spend days reading your favorite books, leisurely walks along the seashore and tasting local delicacies, then we know how to help you. Especially for those who want to escape from the autumn spleen, we have put together several directions that will help you regain your senses and cheer up.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Flight from Moscow and back (with 1 change): from 50 000 rubles

Visa: not needed.

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7 common mistakes travelers should not make

It is unlikely that someone will refuse the opportunity to travel as often as possible, for example, not only to get out 1-2 times a year to the nearest sea, but also spend weekends in other countries. That’s just in pursuit of their dreams, some begin to bring the planning of expenses on a trip to absurdity and at the exit they not only overpay several times more, but also waste their time, energy and nerves. We have made several points, which should not be economized on in any case. Unless, of course, you want your vacation to be ruined.
Search for cheap flights
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Rhodes Old Town
The island of Rhodes is one of the best Greek resorts offering to combine a chic vacation against the backdrop of natural beauties with a tour of ancient attractions that…


In the footsteps of the "Magnificent Century": what you should definitely see in Istanbul
After the cult series was released, many rushed to buy tickets for the next flights to Turkey to follow the footsteps of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska and see with their own…


Bogmalo Beach
Bogmalo is a small resort village in southern Goa with a crescent-shaped sandy beach. The nearest Dabolim International Airport is just 2.5 km away. The transport hub provides the region…


Maldives independent travel
There is hardly a person who refuses to visit the Maldives. Many people call these islands in the Indian Ocean an earthly paradise. Snow-white sand, the purest turquoise sea, colorful…