5 exotic countries where not every novice traveler dares to visit (but in vain)
We do not mean any extreme or especially dangerous destinations in which experienced travelers feel uncomfortable, let alone beginners. Passion.ru talked with travel experts and found out what exotic open…

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Bay of Panormo, Crete
Panormo is a miniature village located just 22 km from Rethymno and 55 km from Heraklion, on the picturesque coast of the Cretan Sea. Unlike most Greek resorts, which are…

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Goa Mandrem
Mandrem with the beach of the same name is located in North Goa, between Ashvem and Arambol, with whom he shares a long sand spit. The village, like its neighbors,…

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Goa Mandrem

Mandrem with the beach of the same name is located in North Goa, between Ashvem and Arambol, with whom he shares a long sand spit.

The village, like its neighbors, does not have a well-developed infrastructure, so backpackers, tourists with a modest budget, who want to rent a house cheaply, and lovers to be alone with themselves and their thoughts come here.


At the airport in Dabolim, go to the taxi desk located at the entrance to the building and hire a car. The trip is paid in advance by the clerk. The rate is approximately 1,400 rupees. The distance to the destination point is about 57 km. Continue reading

In the footsteps of the “Magnificent Century”: what you should definitely see in Istanbul

After the cult series was released, many rushed to buy tickets for the next flights to Turkey to follow the footsteps of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska and see with their own eyes the places where the action took place and serious passions boiled. Together with the experts of the international tourist meta-search momondo.ru, we decided to introduce you to the main attractions associated with the series, and immerse you in the era of the “Magnificent Century”.
The Turkish series “The Magnificent Century” captivated the audience with its exciting plot, the story of passionate love of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his concubine Roksolana and stunning oriental flavor. Although the series takes place in the 16th century, epic fans can easily plunge into its atmosphere – just take a plane ticket to Istanbul. For example, according to the tourist meta-search momondo.ru, a Continue reading

The 5 most beautiful automobile routes in Italy that will surely conquer you

This amazing country conquers some with its amazing cuisine, picturesque views and the atmospheric sea coast; others are impressed by the ski resorts or small towns where you can wander for hours looking at the architecture and attractions. Well, for those who want to embrace everything and immediately and for a moment feel like a real Italian, we advise you to take a car and drive through the famous hills of Tuscany, Alpine meadows, olive groves and, of course, vineyards, not forgetting to look into local taverns along the way. We have chosen the most picturesque automobile routes that will definitely not leave you indifferent.
Where to go for wine lovers and traditional specialties? Of course, in Tuscany, where the famous Italian Continue reading

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