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5 life hacks to help maintain financial security while traveling

We have collected several life hacks for travelers that will allow you to effectively use a bank card abroad without risk and loss.
It is unlikely that anyone will argue that a bank card has become an integral part of our lives. She is always with us, and with the development of contactless payments, the need for even the physical use of the card itself disappears. Therefore, from the shopping process itself, which allows you to make cashless payments both within our country and around the world, we begin to get real pleasure. Nothing prevents a child from buying a new outfit, being, for example, on a business trip in another country. But at the same time, you should know some rules that will help you not fall for the bait of scammers. We asked the press secretary of the Mir payment system Elena Bocharova to share important tips on how to efficiently and safely use a bank card in travel.

Forewarned is forearmed

The security service of any bank is a complex automated IT system that is designed to protect customers and their funds from all kinds of risks. When traveling abroad, notify your bank that you are leaving the country and plan to make purchases with a card. The bank is very wary of such operations and withdrawing cash from ATMs outside the country, there is a high percentage of probability that it will consider such actions as suspicious and block the card.

How to restore a card if such a need arose?

You must immediately call the official bank number indicated on the card. The employee will clarify your passport data and code word, but do not forget that unlocking the card can take more than a day. Therefore, in order to avoid such a situation, it is better to have several cards with you.

Check all information in advance

At the moment when you will warn the bank about going abroad, be sure to find out about its partner banks, which can be advantageously serviced in the territory of the country visited. The bank will also inform you about the limits for withdrawing from the card and tell you in which currency it is most economical to make purchases, and if necessary, even open an account in dollars or euros.

Don’t forget about cash

Even with a few bank cards, do not forget about cash. Buying souvenirs at local stalls on the seashore, away from civilization, you are unlikely to find an ATM or terminal for payment. Cash out only part of the funds that were postponed for the trip.

Use special applications

If for some reason you have not installed the mobile application of the bank that issued the card, or until that moment you did not even know about its existence, we still recommend making friends with similar programs. First of all, this will allow you to quickly communicate with bank employees, without making calls to the support service or visits to the branches. Indeed, now many applications have the option of online chat, when employees answer your questions at any time.

On vacation, one of the most enjoyable entertainments is shopping. Things bought on trips around the world are especially dear to us. Lead them remind you of new emotions and extraordinary impressions. Pay with a card wherever it is profitable and convenient. But remember to follow these simple rules that will help secure your payments.
Fitness Tours in your company.
• Do not trust dubious messages about purchases, card blocking and other card transactions sent from obscure numbers. All banks have official numbers from which they send alerts.

• Do not tell anyone, even bank employees, the passwords sent via SMS, the CVV code on the back of the card, or the PIN code. If you yourself tell the scammers this information, most likely the bank will no longer be able to repair the damage.

• For purchases on the Internet, it is better to have a separate card and store a small amount of money on it. Or open a virtual card – many banks are now issuing them. Such a format does not in itself involve storing large amounts on a card.

• Do not use computers of strangers or computers in public places to pay for purchases on the Internet.

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