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Where to relax in the spring at sea without a visa

The onset of the calendar spring brings a feeling of something new, the beginning of a new stage in life, some pleasant changes. And although in 2018 March 1, the weather is more likely like the beginning of February, everything arises an urgent need to plunge into the atmosphere of bright sunlight and heat. The best option is to go to those countries whose weather conditions allow you to get a beautiful bronze tan and splash around in the warm waters of the seas and oceans. What will be required for this?

Option one – you can go the easiest way and book a trip to one of the many travel agencies both personally and online (this is much more convenient). Today, there are very interesting offers for relaxing in the spring on the sites of such online aggregators as Level.travel and Travelata in the case when the flight is included in the tour.

If you are personally engaged in obtaining an answer to the question of how to get to a particular region, then you should pay attention to sightseeing tours – Tourex.me succeeded in this field.

The second option is to do everything yourself. Here the algorithm of actions is simple:

Buy tickets (Skyscanner);
Book a hotel (Booking.com);
Pick up excursions (Sputnik8 or Tripster);
To insure life and health (Sravni.ru);
Get a visa (home delivery – Visatohome).
The purpose of this article, we set some simplification of this process, namely getting rid of paragraph 5 in all cases. Yes, yes, we are talking about those countries that Russian citizens can visit without a visa. And if you add places suitable for a beach holiday to this criterion, the list of options will be relatively small. So, we represent 16 countries, ideal for spring beach holidays (for Russians).

TOP countries for visa-free beach vacations in spring
Tunisia. This African state for many years occupies the first position in the ranking of countries for beach holidays. They go to Tunisia both to spend time both on wonderful beaches, and for thalassotherapy – one of the most useful procedures for healing the body. It should be noted that the most comfortable conditions for acquiring a tan in Tunisia begin in the second half of April.

Morocco. The state located in the north of the Horn of Africa provides many options for a comfortable stay. Wonderful beaches of Morocco await guests from mid-April, when the water in this part of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea becomes quite comfortable for swimming.

Egypt. Despite all the difficulties that were and are in the life of this state, it attracts many thousands of tourists to its famous resorts, most of which are Russians. The great news was the decision to resume direct flights between Moscow and Cairo. Next in line are charters to popular Egyptian resorts.

Sousse, Tunisia Photo: tonkosti.ru
Near East
UAE A trip to the country of incredible achievements in architecture will be most comfortable in early spring due to the fact that it will become hotter by May. Be prepared for the fact that prices during this period are quite high. Also during this period, you can not only relax, but also engage in shopping.

It will be interesting: How much money to bring with you to Dubai?

Israel. It is hardly worth saying that a trip to the country of milk and honey, which is what Israel is often called, will be interesting and useful in all respects. If talking about beach holidays, then in March and April you can go to the Red (Eilat) and the Dead Sea (Ein Boquet).

Jordan. The main difference between this Middle Eastern country and Israel in terms of beach holidays will be not so hot weather. Although, if we talk about the Red Sea, there are no special differences – Aqaba and Eilat are located, which is called “across the road” on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Dubai Beach


Thailand. Thailand is the undisputed leader among Russians when it comes to holidays in this part of the world. It should be noted that at the end of spring the high season ends – heat and heavy rainfall begin (rainy season). So if you want to be in time – hurry up!

Vietnam. Here the situation is similar to Thailand – the opportunities for recreation gradually decrease by the end of spring with the onset of the rainy season. If we are talking about the northern part of the country (Hanoi, Haiphong), then it becomes warm closer to the May holidays. The southern part of Vietnam is the resorts of Nha Trang, Phan Thiet and Vung Tau.

Weather in Phan Thiet in May

China. Holidays in China in the spring will be just perfect if you go to Hainan. This pearl attracts tourists from all over the world not only with its beautiful beaches, but also with the opportunity to heal its body.

Malaysia. You can relax in Malaysia all year round. A characteristic feature of spring weather is strong winds in the southwest and precipitation in the west of the country.

Sri Lanka. Holidays on an island located at the southern tip of the Hindustan Peninsula will be comfortable in the first 2 months of spring. During this period, warm and dry weather remains.

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