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From resort relaxation in Mauritius to extreme camping in Canada: top holiday destinations with your loved one

Psychologists are sure that the best way to test your partner and relationship is to travel together. At the same time, some advise extreme relaxation, while others, on the contrary, are calm and measured. We reserve the right of choice for you, and we will present both options for the trip.
Relaxing holiday
The main violator of an ideal relationship is stress. Every day at work, in traffic jams, hospitals, we accumulate fatigue and tension, which we then tear off to our relatives. Therefore, traveling from time to time to the beaches is not a privilege, but a real psychological need.

Admire the sunsets

A lost island on the other side of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is famous for its unique nature, magnificent hotels and, probably, the most delicious island cuisine. Together with the second half you can explore the endless jungle, smoothly turning into the hills, discover the unique pearl sands and spend a lot of time watching the sunsets on the coast.

Long Beach Hotel, for example, sings real odes to local beauty. In their isolated territories, they create amazing conditions for a beach holiday: they provide luxurious sun loungers for two, have picnics right by the ocean, and for those especially prepared – training on the beach.

Long Beach Resort Provides Two Golf Courses

In general, Mauritius has many hidden, but insanely beautiful places. One of these is Turtle Bay, a zone with azure waters and adjacent coral reefs. The Oberoi Mauritius Hotel is located right in this bay. A truly special place, where among 8 hectares of tropical rainforests they built elegant villas with terraces that offer scenic views of the ocean and gardens.

The interiors of the villas at The Oberoi Mauritius combine Asian and African motifs and are decorated with exquisite decor in the tradition of Mauritius.

Cote d’Azur
Attend spa treatments

Few people know, but the Cote d’Azur has become a resort pearl not only thanks to its famous beaches, but also because of a well-built service. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and you will definitely not be allowed to leave tired. The queen of rest on the Cote d’Azur is Sanus per Aquam, or in abbreviation from the Latin alphabet spa.

So, at the Hotel La Reserve Ramatuelle, located 10 kilometers from Saint-Tropez on a pine-covered hill, they offer a unique Mind and Body wellness program. Its peculiarity is that it affects not only the physical, but also the mental state, which is why it is so useful to go through with the other half.

Fresh air, open spaces of the hotel, graceful minimalist design – La Réserve Ramatuelle – go well with recovery programs

The complex, designed for three or five days, includes a full examination by an osteopath, consultations with a yoga trainer and its own menu, which will be prepared by a Michelin chef. And most importantly – the next program of procedures will be made taking into account your characteristics.

Here you can try exclusive anti-stress and better-aging massages, as well as cleansing balneotherapy.

Admire orchids

The tropical state of the Maldives is no longer just a resort located on a thousand coral islands, but a real common name for the whole idea of ​​paradise relaxation. Here you can’t list the local beauties: palm trees, beaches, sunsets, the ocean … But there is something more unique. What is worth going to the other end of the world with a second half.

The Kanuhura Maldives resort has a unique beauty and scale flower nursery, which has more than 7,000 orchids, a variety of tropical greens and palm trees with coconuts. All this makes the place especially romantic. One has only to imagine joint evenings together among flowers, plants and the singing of exotic birds.

Unique Kanuhura Orchid

The most interesting thing is that the local gardener Niman Fernando specifically for the Kanuhura hotel has grown his own eponymous orchid, Kanuhura. By the way, this is one of the facts that made Conde Nast Traveler recognize Kanuhura as one of the best hotels in the world that opened after renovation.

Extreme vacation
If you think that extreme relaxation for two is skiing in Courchevel and bungee jumping in Sochi, then you obviously have not experienced truly exciting emotions.
Head to the caves

Of course, climbing into uncharted earth cracks and hidden mountain cavities is reckless and stupid, but going on an excursion to tourist caves is no less exciting and fastening any relationship.

Optimal for such a venture Turkey. Close, inexpensive and very beautiful. For example, the recently become megapopular Incirlin Cave in southwestern Turkey. This 345-meter miracle, approximately 8,000 years old, is available to visit accompanied by a guide. Here visitors are greeted by huge stalactites and stalagmites and a small flock of bats.

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