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Traveling with children on the Golden Ring of Russia: the main places – in one guide

The upcoming holidays are a great opportunity to arrange a mini-vacation for your child to take a break from school and explore new destinations. And if earlier many parents were sure that there was nothing better than tours to visa-free countries, now that the dollar and euro have rapidly crawled up, flying abroad has become very troublesome, especially with children. Therefore, as an alternative, you can choose a trip along the Golden Ring of Russia by car. It’s much more convenient than by bus: you’ll embrace more cities, and will not depend on tourist transport, and give children a lot of new experiences during the trip. But only if you take a car so that it is comfortable for you and your young travelers.
The personal history of the family, how it is preparing for the trip: why aren’t you afraid to travel with children on a car, by what criteria did you choose a car for the trip, what exactly should be in the car interior, so that the trip is comfortable, what you need to take with you, and without which can do it.

Our heroes, mom and dad of a three-year-old child, are well aware that organizing an independent trip with the baby is not an easy task, but the result is worth the effort and time.

“I’ll say right away: our longest trips with a child were to Turkey and Greece, but now there is no way to travel abroad often, and spending holidays in the city is also not an option. In addition, my husband works a lot, so he does not have the opportunity to travel with us as often as we would like. Here you want, you don’t want, but you have to take the whole process into your own hands and independently think through a route that will be interesting not only to me, but also to my child. This time we decided to stop at the cities that make up the Golden Ring. Moreover, in Russia, in my opinion, you can both have a good rest and get your baby to study the history of their country, ”says the mother of the family.

So, the trip was planned in advance. We had to travel on our ŠKODA SUPERB, which is great for such family trips.

Firstly, the car is quite spacious, so I and my mischievous person feel comfortable on the road and do not interfere with each other.

Secondly, this model provides excellent navigation, so you can not worry that getting lost somewhere – it just won’t work, even if you want. The new Columbus 3D navigation system is equipped with a convenient touch screen: some system menus can be controlled using gestures. The navigation system has many functions, for example, Bluetooth, SmartLink +, Wi-Fi.

Thirdly, SUPERB provides an increased security system, including special ISOFIX mounts, on which you can install a child seat both front and rear, as well as an electric child lock. The lock will not allow the child to open the rear doors or lower the windows, which means I can be sure that the trip will be really safe.

Fourth, the son is absolutely calm about the road and does not distract me and her husband while driving thanks to the universal holder for multimedia devices, which can be mounted on the back of the front seat or installed in the hole in the rear armrest. A child can just watch his favorite cartoons or “drive a car” with me.

You just need to install the special Little Driver application (“Little Driver”), which will allow the child to repeat the movements on a tablet or smartphone and at the same time learn safety rules. And you don’t have to worry that the tablet will be discharged on the road – there is a 230V and USB socket in the cabin.

Fifthly, driver assistants help to achieve ease of control: the Blind spot detect control system, the lane assist assistant, which helps to maintain the selected lane, the adaptive cruise control (ACC) used to maintain constant vehicle speed, traffic jam assist system (Traffic jam assist), which allows you to comfortably move in a dense stream, as well as a parking assistant (Park assist).

Why exactly the Golden Ring?
Firstly, good transport accessibility makes the cities of the Golden Ring attractive for first trips (suitable even for those families who are still afraid to fly somewhere with a child). Secondly, to date, many exciting interactive programs and excursions have been developed that will be interesting not only for adults, but also for children (unusual museums, small theaters, original monuments, and so on).

That’s why we chose the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia. Their list includes: Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov the Great, Sergiev Posad, Ivanovo and Yaroslavl. Let us dwell on the most interesting options, which can easily be reached by car.

Sergiev Posad
Sergiev Posad is located about 80 kilometers from Moscow, to get there by car, you will need to drive along the federal highway M8 Moscow – Yaroslavl – Vologda – Arkhangelsk.

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