5 countries where you can obtain citizenship (not through marriage)
If a riotous student life is a thing of the past for you, and a marriage with a citizen of another country is also not included in the immediate plans,…

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The main beaches of northern Goa
For many residents of the metropolis, the Indian state of Goa has become synonymous with freedom from domestic routine and office slavery. On the Indian coast, both ordinary citizens, large…

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The shocking traditions of India that will turn your mind
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7 cutest European towns you can’t help falling in love with

Have you ever dreamed of getting lost in some picturesque place? And for this it is not at all necessary to look for a suitable paradise on a desert island – just look at the small European cities that are comfortably spread out among the mountains or located on the sea coast. Passion.ru chose the cutest settlements, after viewing which you will definitely want to buy a plane ticket (and, possibly, one way).
Annecy, France
Very often Annecy is called French Venice and it is deserved. Tourists from all over the world come to this town, located on the east coast of France and considered the capital of the entire Haute Savoie department. People specially come here to enjoy picturesque views, stunning architecture, sights, leisurely walks around Lake Annecy (which is the pearl of the city) and, of course, local delicacies, from which it is simply impossible to break away. And if you find yourself in this charming town, built around a 14th-century castle and surrounded by the French Alps, be sure to stroll among the ancient buildings, try local delicacies and drop in restaurants with Michelin stars!

Colmar, France

In this small city, founded in 1226, a mixture of French and German architecture, culture and spirit is very clearly visible. This gives this place so much charm and charisma that you just want to wander through the cozy streets and consider every element that comes into view. Many tourists who came to Colmar for the first time admit that it is so colorful that you want to return your return ticket and stay here to live forever.

Portofino, Italy

Surely many of you have heard at least once in your life about this small fishing town located in the province of Genoa and considered one of the most picturesque Mediterranean ports, being part of the Italian Riviera. Guy De Maupassant, who once expressed his opinion about this resort on the Ligurian coast, loved to visit Portofino: “This green bay in the realm of harmony and peace contrasts so much with all the vain worries of our lives.” Therefore, if you like the silence of the mountains, the patriarchal nature of a fishing village, the picturesque bay, in the waters of which lovely houses are reflected, then you should definitely look into Portofino.

Manarola, Italy

Manarola, which is a small fishing town in Liguria (in the north of Italy), is located directly on a cliff hanging over the coastline of the Ligurian Sea. This is the oldest city in the Cinque Terre National Park, where modern buildings and ancient architectural structures, whose age has been more than five hundred years old, are quite harmoniously coexisting. If you decide to glance here, then be sure to take a walk to the center, where the church of San Lorenzo, built in 1338, is located and be sure to look into the eastern part of the square, where you can often meet local residents who are discussing any important issues.

Göreme, Turkey

And you also dreamed of getting into this incredible ancient city, erected by the Romans, literally carving it from the rocks, looking at the impressive pictures of bloggers posing against the backdrop of colorful balloons and rocky streets? If this thought haunts you, then plan a trip to this small town, considered the tourist center of Cappadocia. In the area of ​​Göreme and its immediate surroundings, you can find about 400 ancient churches that deserve special attention.

Puciscea, Croatia

The largest town with a marina on the northern coast of the island of Brac in the Adriatic Sea, is becoming more and more popular every year. Here, for example, there are famous schools where sculptors and musicians study. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the mild climate, picturesque views, a cozy atmosphere and, of course, souvenirs – the famous lavender, which can be found in absolutely any form, and figures made of Brac stone, from which, by the way, the White House is made in Washington, USA.

Bibury, England

When you first come to this small town, filled with the charm of the Old World and considered the most atmospheric settlement in England, you get the feeling that somewhere here you can definitely meet the famous Harry Potter or other heroes of the series of novels by the English writer Joan Rowling about “the boy who survived. ” What else is famous for Biburi, located in Gloucestershire in southern England? Firstly, by the fact that a picturesque image was placed in the UK national passport. Secondly, about 600 people live here (previously their number reached 2000). And thirdly, it is here that you can relax away from the bustle of the city, enjoy leisurely walks and fully experience the English atmosphere.

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