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Bali Bay, Crete

The former fishing village, and now the picturesque resort village of Bali (Bally) is located in the western part of Crete, 25 km from Rethymnon and 45 km from Heraklion.

Steep slopes covered with forests and olive groves, clear water, beautiful nature make this paradise a desirable place for a romantic or family vacation. But the young and active here will probably be bored, since in Bali there are practically no entertainment venues.

The mountain landscape requires physical effort to move along the beaches of the local lagoon.


The resort has 4 official beaches for every taste. In the high season from May to October, they are filled with tourists almost to failure. Water warms up to comfortable + 25 ° C, and air up to +30 ° C and higher, which is largely facilitated by dark volcanic sand, which quickly absorbs heat.

Entrance to the beaches is free. Rent of 2 sunbeds and an umbrella costs 6 €, individually the attributes of a comfortable stay are not available. If you want to save, buy a beach umbrella for 6 € and take it with you to sunbathe. True, in this case you will have to huddle in the very corner of the recreation area, where boats and catamarans are often parked.

If you count from the highway, the beaches are arranged in the following order:

Beach №1 Livadi

This is the largest beach, it begins almost at the village itself. For several years in a row, this stretch of coastline became the owner of the Blue Flag for environmental friendliness. The sand is dark yellow and soft, the entrance to the sea is comfortable. There are frequent waves and strong winds, as the beach is not protected by cliffs.

Beach No. 2 Varkotopos

Located opposite the Bali Star Hotel. In size, it is inferior to its neighbor by about 3 times. The sand is almost black, the entrance to the sea is shallow, but a solid depth occurs only a couple of meters from the coast.

There is a lot of marine life in the water, so it’s worth grabbing flippers and a diving mask. You should not swim far due to sea currents. For the same reason, the beach is not very suitable for kids.

At the end of the coastline is a small stone ridge inhabited by mollusks and crabs.

There are waves, but much less in comparison with the first beach.

Beach №3 Limani

Located near Mythos and Bali Beach hotels. The last hotel has its own beach, which is very rare. To get on it, you have to go down the stairs.

This stretch of coastline is protected from all winds and waves, therefore it is suitable for children and vacationers of all ages. The beach is covered with a mixture of sand and pebbles. A shallow bottom is absolutely safe. The only drawback is the pier where fishermen sail with a rich catch, which are fried, boiled and grilled in the surrounding taverns and restaurants.

Beach №4 Evita

The beach, named after the nearest Evita hotel, lies behind the cape, so it is always quiet here: no waves and winds. Comfortable descent into the sea makes this secluded corner the best option for families with children.

From the main village road begins the circular route of a small road train. In high season, he collects guests from the surrounding hotels and carries them to all beaches. To make a full flight, the wagons need 1 hour. Price – 5 € for a trip to the beach or 2 € to a stop on the highway where buses traveling to Rethymnon, Chania or Heraklion take off and pick up passengers.


The path to the village of Bali can not be called simple. It takes place in several stages.

From Heraklion Airport
If you have landed at Kazantzakis Airport, you need to get to the city of Heraklion. The easiest way to do this is by taxi. The journey will take approximately 15 minutes and 25 €.

Bus is a more economical option. The stop is at the exit of the terminal. Travel time is about 20 minutes. Ticket price is a little over 2 €. The interval of traffic is 15-20 minutes.

Upon arrival in Heraklion you need to transfer to bus number 1 or number 78k and get to the bus station A.

From the city of Heraklion
There are 3 bus stations in Heraklion. You need the bus station A. It is located in the eastern part of the city, near the port. The local carrier KTEL is based there. Buy a ticket for passing buses to Rethymnon or Chania. The interval of movement of buses from 40 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the time of day and day of the week. Ticket price is about 8 €. Travel time is approximately 1.5 hours. Exit should be at the stop “Bali”.

From Bali stop to Bali
The distance from the stop on the highway to the resort is about 2 km. It can be overcome:

On foot with a suitcase at the ready.
By train, but to find out its exact schedule is almost impossible.
Order a transfer from the hotel where you will live.
On a rented car
The most painless and sensible way to get to Bali is to rent a car. The distance between Kazantzakis and Bali Airport is 55 km. The cost of renting a small car is about 30-40 € per day. Fuel costs 2 € per liter and is paid separately.

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