India independent travel to Kerala
We began to choose where to go. I re-read the entire Wikipedia, compared it with the reviews and chose Kerala. This is the most peaceful state in South India, there…

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Balos Bay, Crete
Balos Lagoon and the beach of the same name are located 60 km from the city of Chania and 15 km from the resort of Kissamos, from where excursions depart…

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Where better women do not go alone
Even if your friends or a young man cannot keep you company, this does not mean that you should say goodbye to your dreams of relaxation and sit in the…

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Tivat beaches

Tivat is a modern resort, which in the near future can take away popularity from its neighbors. There are no historical and cultural attractions in the town. Its main value is nature, climate and the clear waters of the Boka Kotor Bay washing the coast.

Tivat is bordered by 17 municipal and private beaches, as well as countless bays for private recreation. In addition, the resort includes 3 islands: St. Mark, Flowers and the Benevolent.

Here you can find any beaches: spacious pebble, chamber sandy and very small marinas. One feature unites them – the abundance of green vegetation that makes the landscape unusually picturesque.

The official beaches, with the exception of the wild ones, have all the necessary infrastructure: toilets, changing cabins, cafes and restaurants. Sun beds and umbrellas are rented out – 8 € per set. After 15:00, you can negotiate discounts or not pay for equipment at all.

The safety of vacationers is vigilantly watched by lifeguards on the towers.


This city beach is about 4 km from Tivat, on the way to the village of Lepetane, near the village of Opatovo. The length of the beach is about 220 m. The recreation area, which is a mixture of pebble and sand-pebble areas, is bisected by a red and white lighthouse. Spreading trees create a saving shadow in the heat. There are never many people here. Lovers of secluded relaxation will enjoy this beach.


The beach, named after the town to which it belongs, is located 1.5 km from Tivat. The width of the coastline is quite modest, but the length is as much as 1000 m. About half belongs to the Kamelija Plaza. Access to this part of the beach is limited. The recreation area is a mixture of sand and massive concrete slabs at the very edge of the water. This beach is always free, even in high season.


This beach, also known as Ponta Selyanovo, is located on a picturesque cape, just 1 km from Tivat. The coastline is about 500 m long. It is a mixture of pebbles, flat stones and sand. Smooth rocks give a special charm to this place.

A small pier for boats and boats cruising along the Boka Kotor Bay and Herceg Novi Bay creates little discomfort, but the noise from the boats cannot be called critical.

This beach is located directly in Tivat, in the central part of the resort, near the yacht club Kalimanj. Its length is approximately 150 m and its width barely reaches 20 m. Since it is always crowded here, it is better to take a cozy place in the morning. If you are hungry, you will have to take a short walk to cafes and restaurants, which are a short distance from the coastline near the road. Near the beach there is a small free parking. In the southern part of Belan, a walking route begins, leading through the picturesque surroundings.


Near the resort of Radovici lies Oblatno Bay with the beach of the same name, stretching 150 m. One part of the coast is covered with pebbles, the other with fine almost white sand, which is very rare for Montenegro. A gentle slope, clear water and perfect cleanliness make this beach attractive for relaxation. The dense forest gives a special charm to the area, which affects the formation of a comfortable microclimate.

Almara Beach Club determines the popularity of Oblatno, which offers equipped places for sunbathing, gourmet drinks in the bar and cuisine of a high restaurant level. In the open area of ​​the club, parties are often held at which world-famous DJs perform.

About 5 km from the center of Tivat lies Tsvetov Island, previously it was called Mikholsk Prevlaka. The geographical status of the object is controversial, since it is nevertheless connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. Yes, and there are almost no flowers. Perhaps they were here once, but now trees and shrubs grow in their place.

The peninsula is framed by a sandy and pebble beach with a length of 1,200 m. For the convenience of holidaymakers, it is divided into several small sections, which have everything necessary for a comfortable pastime.

If you get tired of sunbathing, visit the old monastery – an undoubted decoration of the island.


The beach is the owner of the Blue Flag for its cleanliness and pristine beauty. The sandy coastline, stretching over 350 m, promises a chic vacation. The descent into the water is smooth, both young children and adults will equally like it.

For those who want to swim at a depth, ladders and pontoons are equipped. Pedestrian paths leading all along the bay lead to them. The beach is surrounded by coniferous forest, giving a pleasant coolness and shadow.

The nearest settlements are Tivat and Kotor, to which 15 minutes by car. Entrance to the beach is paid – 3 €.

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