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How much does food cost in Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the most popular resorts among Russian tourists. The prices here are slightly lower in comparison with the popular Phuket, Krabi province and even the island of Samui, which began to develop relatively recently as a major tourist center, although a cardinal difference in the cost of goods and services can not be said.

In Pattaya there are prices for local and for tourists (farang). The latter is a sacred vessel with money, which will be used by all Aboriginal people, without exception, smiling and showing an extreme degree of reverence.

The issue of food budget formation is acute for our compatriots, so let’s understand all the intricacies and nuances.

In order not to overpay, adopt the following saving rules:

The closer the store or restaurant is to the beach and tourist routes, the more expensive it is.
In all types of edalas, European dishes are more expensive than Thai.
If the cafe has more Aborigines than farang, then the prices there are reasonable.
There are food courts in shopping centers; food in them will be cheaper than restaurants in tourist areas, but more expensive than in cafes for locals.
Food at the hotel is expensive, it makes no sense to take a full board.
The cost of cigarettes and alcohol is inhumane. If you have bad habits, check out Duty Free.
Fruits on mobile carts in the hotel area are more expensive than markets.

Not all Thai catering establishments work in the morning, as many tourists prefer to enjoy their morning meal at the hotel. The price of gastronomic pleasure depends on the class of the hotel. Buffet – from 300 to 600 baht per person, continental breakfast – from 200 to 500 baht per person. The tax is paid separately.

Breakfast in a budget cafe (approximate prices):
Toast, jam (butter), fried eggs from 2 eggs, beans (vegetables), a slice of bacon (sausage), a cup of coffee (tea) – 63 baht.
A fried egg of 2 eggs with a bonus from the chef in the form of several slices of tomato and cucumber – 30 baht.
Fried eggs from 2 eggs with slices of fried pork (chicken) – 50 baht.
Breakfast at the restaurant.
Buffet cost from 170 baht per person. For this money you will receive:

Baking: croissants, rolls and other pastries.
Cold appetizers: several types of sausage, bacon, vegetables, cheese.
Main specialties: sausages, eggs of all kinds, cereals, pad thai (noodles), pancakes, fruits.
Drinks: milk, water, juices, tea, coffee.
No need to look for meat in sausages and sausages, there are more soybeans there. Coffee is of Vietnamese origin, so it’s difficult to drink. If you are a coffee gourmet, you have to go broke on a hike at Starbucks.


All appetites are different, so the average check is difficult to determine. Some tourists are content with ordinary shrimp in batter, others prefer to pamper themselves with expensive lobsters, while others may well get enough of simple street delicacies from mobile carts. The menu for lunch and dinner is almost identical. However, in the afternoon you should not rely on any special sea delicacies. As a rule, fish and seafood are delivered to the restaurant by the evening influx of visitors. A hearty meal will cost about 200 baht per person.

Approximate prices on the beach
Name of the dish Price in baht *
Papaya salad on the beach




Singha beer (local) 0.5 L


Beer Heiniken 0.5 L




* Price may vary from season to beach.

Approximate prices in food courts of shopping centers
Dish name

Price in baht *



Rice with vegetables and chicken


Meatballs with mashed potatoes


Meat with pasta


Tom Yam


Chicken Noodle Soup


Pizza (depending on the filling and size)

from 70

Chicken skewers


Pork skewers


Combo lunch at McDonald’s or Burger King



For the evil saying, dinner in the resort of Pattaya is considered the main meal that should not be missed. In the evening, street cafes light up with hundreds of lights, make-up girls (mobile food carts) arrive, barkers in restaurants begin to fulfill their duties. The portions are simply huge, so ordering from the menu, do not be greedy.

Approximate prices in a cafe
Dish name

Price in baht *

Vegetable salad


Shrimp salad


Salad with tuna




Fried chicken with basil


Soup Tom Yam Kung


Spicy Shrimp Soup


Spicy Fish Meatball Soup


Cashew Pork


Grilled octopus in spices


Spring rolls 4 pcs.


Chicken / Pork / Shrimp Fried Noodles


Kale Beef Roast


Steamed or grilled seabass


Grilled snapper


Snorkeling in Eilat
Eilat is the southern city of Israel, washed by the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea. The resort is suitable for year-round recreation, as the temperature…


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