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All Pattaya beaches

Pattaya is one of the most popular and affordable resorts. Carefree, full of entertainment for every taste, it offers relaxation, an integral part of which are numerous gorgeous beaches. Each is charming in its own way, the choice of places to stay is very wide.


Located in the southern part of the city, Jomtien is equally popular among wealthy Thais, whose “summer cottages” are located here, and among tourists. On a 6-kilometer beach, a large selection of hotels and rental housing in different price categories.

The water is clean, since there are no berths and yacht clubs nearby. The descent into the water is gentle, which is ideal for young children. Many traditional water sports are available: parasailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing.

On the beach is the largest entertainment center in Pattaya with a water park, a rollerdrome, attractions for children and adults. It is worth visiting the 56-story tower with an observation deck and a rotating panoramic restaurant.

How to get there
From any part of the city on a tuk-tuk for 150-200 baht (do not forget to bargain).

If you are riding a scooter, at the intersection of Trappaya and Yuzhnaya streets, turn right, the landmark is the Foodmart store, after a few meters on the right you will see the coastline.

Public transport runs from the resort center to the Jomtien area.

Ticket price – 10-15 baht. You need to get off at the stop located at the intersection of South and Second Streets.

Where to stay
Z by Zing ★★. Price – from 20 USD per day.
Sea Breeze Jomtien Resort ★★★. Price – from 40 USD per day.
Ambassador City Jomtien ★★★. Price – from 50 USD per day.
Sea Crest by Jomtien ★★★★. Price – from 60 USD per day.
D Varee Jomtien Beach, Pattaya ★★★★. Price – from 60 USD per day.

This beach is called locally by Sai Keo by the name of the bay washing it. It is known to our compatriots as Military Beach (Military Beach). Paradise with soft sand and azure water belongs to the armed forces of Thailand, here is the Royal School. The coastline is famous not only for its beauty, but also for its cleanliness, close to ideal. A gently sloping bottom guarantees a comfortable descent into the sea and safe swimming for children.

Entrance – 100 baht. There are several restaurants and a sports equipment rental. The beach is open until 18:00.

How to get there
By taxi for 300-400 baht.

If you are traveling around the resort in a rented vehicle, go towards the Nong Nooch Garden, at the 2nd traffic light, turn right, move to the checkpoint. Show the military documents (passport or driver’s license) and get a ticket to visit the beach, then move to the 2nd checkpoint and present the issued ticket. After obtaining permission to travel, go to the fork with a sign toward Sai Keo. Leave the car or scooter in the parking lot at the 3rd checkpoint, transfer to a free tuk-tuk and in a few minutes you will be on the coast.

White tuk-tuks travel from Sukhumvit towards the beach. The fare is 30 baht. The driver will take you to your destination through all the checkpoints.

Attention! Hikers are not allowed on Military Beach.

Where to stay
For objective reasons, there are no hotels near the military town, but on the shore there are several modest bungalows where you can spend the night. Price – from 1000 baht.


Located in the southern part of Pattaya at the foot of the hill of the same name. Most guests from the nearest hotels sunbathe on the beach. The central sandy segment is fenced with bathing buoys, the southern end passes into the rocky part intended for the parking of boats, the northern one is not at all suitable for recreation because of the terrain.

The entrance to the sea is sharp, with differences in depths. In the low season, when strong winds blow, garbage is often carried to the coastline.

For vacationers, a standard set of entertainment is provided. Numerous cafes, located at some distance from the beach, invite you to grab a bite to eat.

How to get there
Public transport does not go to this area. It is easy to get to your destination by tuk-tuk, a trip from the center of Pattaya will cost about 200 baht.

If you are traveling on a rented scooter, then you should move along the 5th Pratamnaka Street, which goes directly to the sea. Landmark – 7-Eleven store, after it you need to turn right. Another exit is next to the Momchailai Pattaya Retreat Hotel, turning left.

You can get to Pratamnak beach on foot through the adjoining Dongtan beach.

Where to stay
Momchailai Pattaya Retreat ★★★. Price – from 40 USD per day.
RCG Suite Pattaya ★★★. Price – from 40 USD per day.
Royal Beach View ★★★★. Price – from 60 USD per day.
Centara Grand Phratamnak Pattaya ★★★★★. Price – from 80 USD per day.

The lack of transport arteries makes this beach, located in the northern part of the resort, the most prestigious, clean and calm. Along the coastline, a little over 1 km long, are hotels and apartments of the premium segment.

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