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Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo is a small resort village in southern Goa with a crescent-shaped sandy beach. The nearest Dabolim International Airport is just 2.5 km away. The transport hub provides the region with a constant flow of tourists who have not yet fully appreciated the exotic beauty of Bogmalo and prefer neighboring towns for recreation. There are not so many tourists in the village, and there is plenty of space on the coastline bordered by slender palm trees and green hills.


The length of the beach is about 600 meters. Juicy greens contrast with bright yellow sand and the blue sea. The entrance to the water is comfortable, the ebb does not cause serious inconvenience, the depth varies slightly. In the low season, from June to September, there are frequent waves that take out the garbage ashore. The rest of the year on the coastal strip is clean, comfortable and pleasant in every sense.

There are very few sun loungers, vacationers sunbathe on towels. Fans of secluded relaxation should pay attention to the right end of the beach. It is quiet and calm, the only negative is the lack of cafes, shekels and active water activities. They are concentrated in the central part.

It’s simply impossible to stay hungry. Small restaurants invite you to dine after water activities or enjoy dinner at sunset. Initially, Bogmalo is a fishing village, and only then a tourist area, so you should order fish dishes and sea delicacies. The choice is very decent and wide. Prices are slightly higher compared to neighboring resorts.


Cultural life cannot be called saturated. The main attraction of Bogmalo is the Museum of Naval Aviation. 7 airplanes, a helicopter, as well as power units are displayed on the open ground. The halls offer to get acquainted with the model of an aircraft carrier, the evolution of the uniforms of the Indian army and landmark documents.

The ichthyofauna of coastal waters is rich and diverse, so diving is in great demand, especially in the coastal waters of Grand Island, where you can meet stingrays, dolphins, colorful fish lurking in dense coral forests, and other bizarre inhabitants of the Arabian Sea. The presence of sunken ships and trawlers makes the diving process even more entertaining. Voyage from Bogmalo to dive spots takes about 20 minutes by speed boat. Organized trips are conducted from October to May. For beginners, the oldest in India is Skoda diving.

Anyone can try their hand at fishing. To do this, it is not necessary to sail to the Grand, it is enough to rent equipment from fishermen on the shore of the village.

When the local landscapes get bored, you should go to the port city of Vasco da Gama, located about 6 km from Bogmalo. It is famous for its green alleys, parks and gardens. The Japanese garden is its main pride.

From Bogmalo, excursions to Dudhsagar Falls, 60 km from Panaji, are available. The path cannot be called close, but it is worth seeing this miracle of nature. From a height of 603 meters, streams of milky-colored water break down.

The village has everything you need for an unpretentious tourist; the shopping mall Manolis Tailors is located opposite the Bogmallo Beach Resort. It sells clothes, shoes, souvenirs, food.

If you want something more, you will have to go to Dabolim, the journey will take 5-7 minutes. However, it is problematic to make a trip without rented transport, as there are no regular buses. In Dabolim there are 2 large supermarkets and a cheap food market. Those who want to enjoy the Indian flavor should go to neighboring Anjuna, where the flea market operates on Wednesdays.

From the Dabolim airport, buses and taxis go to the resort. When choosing a bus, take into account the local specifics: a lot of people, no air conditioning and a lot of things in the aisle. A public stop is located immediately at the exit of the airport. Interval of movement – 15 minutes.

Take a taxi to avoid unnecessary stops and unpleasant fellow travelers.

The trip will take about 15 minutes and will cost about 95 rupees.

There are official carrier fares (Prepaid Taxi Counter) at the airport with a fixed fare. It develops according to the following formula: tariff cost + 50% (reimbursement of expenses for the return trip to the airport). At night (from 23:00 to 05:00), an additional 35% must be added to the formula. Also, the cost of travel is affected by the presence of air conditioning in the car.

Private taxi drivers are cheaper, but nobody guarantees the safety of tourists and the safety of their belongings.

From the city of Vasco da Gama, you can get to Bogmalo by regular bus (8-10 rupees) or take a taxi (110 rupees). Travel time is about 40 minutes.


Bogmallo Beach Resort ★★★★★. Price – from 100 USD.

Devasthali – The Valley of Gods ★★★★. Price – from 60 USD.

Coconut Creek Resort ★★★★. Price – from 144 USD.

Stonewater Eco Resort ★★★. Price – from 80 USD.

Raikar Guest House. Price – from 27 USD.

Beach Bay Cottages. Price – from 51 USD.

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