Traveling with children

5 life hacks to help maintain financial security while traveling
We have collected several life hacks for travelers that will allow you to effectively use a bank card abroad without risk and loss. It is unlikely that anyone will argue…

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Tsambika Beach
Tsambika Beach is located about 26 km from the island's capital, Rhodes. The long and wide coastline, covered with fine golden sand, attracts many tourists for whom there is everything…

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Pass passwords! 8 best cities for shopping
If you can’t live without new things and keep an eye on what is happening on the world stage, then you understand why it’s worth going abroad for beautiful things.…

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How to independently plan an unforgettable vacation without the involvement of travel agencies

In order to spend an unforgettable vacation in any country in the world, it is not at all necessary to contact a tour operator or an agency – any independent trip will be many times more interesting than a “package trip”. talked to experienced travelers and found out the basic principles, following which you can get the most out of your trip.
Why and where are you going?
This is perhaps the main point, having decided with which you can plan everything else. Answer your question, what exactly attracts you: cities and museums, nature reserves and parks, shopping and entertainment, local delicacies and culinary traditions. Or do you even dream of a “vegetable” vacation and plan to spend the next two weeks on some exotic beach that only locals know about? All this will help Continue reading

For you girls: 5 countries where the most loving (and hottest) men live

If you want to combine business with pleasure and seek happiness in another country, then our selection will definitely come in handy. has chosen several countries where the most temperamental gentlemen live, ready not only to rediscover familiar directions for you, but also to amaze you with their ardor and ingenuity. And even if “getting to know the sequel” is not included in your plans, you can still visit these places and see for yourself how truthful the rating of “the sexiest and most loving men” is.
“O la la”, about the ingenuity and tirelessness of French men, perhaps, all women in the world know. After all, it was they who planted not only the whole of Europe, but also the rest of the country, on such a Continue reading

Where better women do not go alone

Even if your friends or a young man cannot keep you company, this does not mean that you should say goodbye to your dreams of relaxation and sit in the city for the next two weeks. But so that your trip is not hopelessly spoiled, the choice of direction should be approached as responsibly as possible. compiled a ranking of countries where women should not go alone. For your own good!
It would seem, what dangers can the fair sex in one of the most developed countries in the world? However, there are negative aspects and there are not so few of them. The most courageous and brave tourists who, if something happens, know how to behave in a particular situation, usually tend to get into this reserved corner of the Earth. And if you are not one of them, then choose something less exotic for Continue reading

Where to relax in the spring at sea without a visa

The onset of the calendar spring brings a feeling of something new, the beginning of a new stage in life, some pleasant changes. And although in 2018 March 1, the weather is more likely like the beginning of February, everything arises an urgent need to plunge into the atmosphere of bright sunlight and heat. The best option is to go to those countries whose weather conditions allow you to get a beautiful bronze tan and splash around in the warm waters of the seas and oceans. What will be required for this?

Option one – you can go the easiest way and book a trip to one of the many travel agencies both personally and online (this is much more convenient). Today, there are very interesting offers for relaxing in the spring on the sites of such online aggregators as and Travelata in the case Continue reading

First time, or real adventures in Egypt

It was like a dream; joyful when you wait impatiently: how will it all end? But still I do not see the end of this adventure. About what happened, about what I have and I will tell you.
They say that children can really dream, they always know exactly who they want to become in the future, that they want to see where to go; and then … not everyone can follow their dreams. For the first time in my life, I went abroad in December 2013, to Egypt. I like it. In 2014, I visited Aruba, Curacao and Boneiro. I liked it even more. And then I realized that I do not want to sit in the office – I need the whole world.
I remembered (my mother told me, but for some reason it seems to me that I myself remembered this), as a child, when I looked at photographs from different countries in magazines, I said: “I will go here when I grow up. And here too. And I’ll visit here. … ” Continue reading

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